REVIEW: Vigilante Season (Max B)

Release Date: March 1, 2011 (Digital Copies Only)

Let me start off by saying… Free Max B! It’s hard to listen to his debut album when he is now behind bars for basically the rest of his life. In the time he was here though, his music formed a cult type following in the rap community. With that said, ‘Vigilante Season’ is a collection of most of Max B’s best work.

The best part about this album is that Max B knows what his fans want. “Where Do I Go” shows the boss don flexing his muscles in a Tupac style tribute to summer in Harlem. “Live Comfortable” and “You Won’t Go Far” with Al Pac keep the album flowing perfect. Also, classic songs like “White Lines” and “Porno Muzik” are sure to stay in rotation. On “Fukk You”,  Max takes aim at his former “boss” Jim Jones and goes H.A.M.. “I Need Money” and “South Wave” help close out the 16 track album. French Montana is surprisingly absent from VS, but not at any cost. Max is able to hold down his debut with limited guest spots.

With the internet already calling it a classic, this album is exactly what we’ve been waiting for. Rumors of 2 follow up albums are already circulating, but this release will keep the wave going for the near future until French Montana’s “Excuse My French” drops later this year.

4.5 out of 5 Blunts

Best Tracks

Baby I Need You More, Where Do I Go (BBQ Music), Porno Muzik, I Need Money, Green Gain

Purchase Here:

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