REVIEW: Gunz N’ Butta (Cam’Ron & Vado)

Release Date: April 19, 2011

Cam’Ron and Vado have been on the radar in the last year releasing a ton of music on mixtapes and street albums which has introduced the U.N. to the rap world. The successful ‘Boss Of All Bosses’ mixtapes have shown that these two emcees can hold down almost any track with ease. Unfortunately, if you were expecting this album to pack more heat than a hot tub like I was, don’t get your hopes up.  ‘Gunz N’ Butta’ is a spoiled attempt at what could have been a classic album.

One of the problems with GNB is that it sounds like a mixtape effort, with songs thrown together after a lukewarm intro. The first few tracks don’t have much replay value. I even found myself eager to press the skip button a few times. Songs that were released last year like “Stop It 5” and “Fuck A Freestyle” make me wonder why other tracks like “Sour Life” and “Girls Cry” didn’t make the album. With a lot of filler, the highlights are minimal for 16 tracks. A feature or two could have made a big difference. “Monster Muzik” and “I-Luv U” are some of the stand-out cuts. “Be With Me” and “They Don’t Like You” may grow over time.

Not much else can be said about this albums quality. The production is not the best. There are too many annoying horror movie screams all over the place and very little subject matter for such great rappers. If you’re a hard core Cam’Ron and Vado fan, you’ll probably pick this release up, but for the old school Dip Set fans, beware.

3 out of 5 Blunts

Best Tracks

Stop It 5, Monster Muzik, Put A Bird Up, I-Luv U, Be With Me

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